WinZIP Repair Tool

Repair Corrupt WinZIP Archive

Use of ZIP file has been enhanced exponentially in the recent decade with the rise of file searching and downloading over internet. Basically, it is a compressed format of several files that helps us in transferring, downloading, storing of large file. Most of us use WinZip to zip and unzip files easily but you may encounter with corruption of ZIP file due to several reasons. Do not worry, you are not alone in such situation. WinZip Repair Tool is appropriate application to fix ZIP files which get corrupted due to incomplete download, bad sector on hard drive, incompatible compression etc.

It is most famous and recommended by many professionals as best ZIP Repair Tool. This ZIP file repair application extracts all folders and files from damaged file without changing its actual content. It creates a new file containing same information as corrupted ZIP file in various circumstances. Some common reasons behind ZIP file corruption are highlighted below.

In addition, header corruption is a common issue for damage of ZIP file. Header may be corrupted due to some innocent mistakes during compression and extraction of files. After that, WinZip treats it as improper extension or improper header and results in corruption of ZIP file. Then you cannot access any data from that compressed file, but you will be able to mend corrupted ZIP file using this well-known application.

WinZip fix application has some useful features which helps you to perform corrupted ZIP file repair, which makes it unique solution from any other tool. It has the ability to mend any password protected ZIP file after corruption. This repair application uses special algorithm to fix severely corrupted ZIP/ZIPX file that has corrupted during recovery. Even, ZIP Repair Tool facilitates a fast and easy repair operation on large size of compressed file to extract data with the original file hierarchy. It is compatible on all versions of Windows OS such as 8, 7, XP etc. If you face any trouble in corrupted ZIP file repair on Windows computer, you can take help from this link:

NOTE: This software can also be used to repair zip file that is not downloaded properly. For more detail, about it, visit this link:

How to repair corrupted Zip file

Step 1: Install ZIP repair application on your system and launch it. Now, select corrupted ZIP file by using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button as illustrated in fig 1.

WinZip Repair Tool - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Then, the software will scan that corrupted ZIP file and after that, repaired fil will be shown as fig 2.

WinZip Repair Tool - Folder View

Fig 2: Folder View

Step 3: Now, you can save that repaired data in the desired location using "Browse" button and then click on"Save".

WinZip Repair Tool - Save File

Fig 3: Save File