ZIP Repair Tool Windows

Looking for a Tool to Repair ZIP Files on Windows PC?

Basically, to save the disk space and as a backup purpose the files are compressed and stored in ZIP archive. It is a single files containing various kind of files in compressed manner. Sometimes you might create ZIP files in order to send lot of files through internet later, which can be unzipped using some software like WinZip. These ZIP files are more prone to miserable scenarios, which may cause huge data loss as your ZIP archive may be corrupted or damaged. To overcome this, you have to use some ZIP repair utility that fixes corrupted ZIP or ZIPX archives.

The most famous and most commonly used ZIP repair software is Windows ZIP repair tool. It extracts the compressed files & folders from the corrupted archive, fixes ZIP header and creates a new repaired archive. This software is just read only software hence it won’t actually change the content of the ZIP file. It will create a new and healthy ZIP file. This tool provides user-friendly interface, hence, nonprofessional users can easily operate this application. This amazing tool provides you the option to fix broken ZIP folders within few minutes.

Windows ZIP repair tool is useful in following case of ZIP files corruption:

The computers that are connected to internet are more prone to virus attack. When such spywares or adware’s get in to your system, they inhibit the ZIP files from extracting. In such conditions, data in the ZIP file will be lost, as you cannot extract them. Due to low network traffic, if a ZIP file is not completely downloaded, then the contents of it can become inaccessible.

Due to some bad sectors on the disk, the file in that region become unreadable and you cannot extract it also. If file header is corrupted then the information within the header such as particular file like name of the file, size of the file, date of file creation, files last modification time etc will also be lost which ultimately affects the file system of ZIP file. Also, improper shutdown of the system is the main cause for header corruption of ZIP files in Windows. Not only this, you can easily fix damaged ZIP archive folder by using this utility. To know more, click here

Some of the physical reasons like exposure of media to high temperature and magnetic field will damage the hard disk. In such condition, ZIP archive may get corrupted.

If your ZIP file gets corrupt due to the following reasons then you have to use ZIP Repair Tool in order to recover data from corrupt ZIP folder. For complete information, visit here This tool has the capacity to repair badly damaged ZIP and ZIPX archives within a quick span of time. This software can be easily installed on your computer supporting Windows XP, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 platforms.

This software has some of the unique features, they are:

Steps to perform repair process:

Step 1: Download and install ZIP Repair Tool and select ZIP file using "Browse" option and click "Repair" as shown in Figure A.

Windows ZIP Repair Tool - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: The software will scan the file and you will be shown the recovered files as shown in Figure B.

Windows ZIP Repair Tool - Folder View

Figure B: Folder View

Step 3: Select the required destination using "Select Folder" button and then click "Next".

Windows ZIP Repair Tool - Select Destination

Figure C: Select Destination