How to Fix a ZIP File that Refuse to Open?

Scenario 1:

“Few days back, one of my friends gave me a collection of some movies in a folder which was in a ZIP format. This ZIP file is working fine till yesterday. But from yesterday evening, ZIP file failed to open and I did not extract the contents from it. I think that the ZIP file is corrupt and it won’t open. I cannot ask my friend for the movie as he already deleted that file. Can anyone know how to fix a ZIP file that won’t open and extract the contents from it?”

Scenario 2:

Your ZIP file may get damaged or corrupted if any interruption occurs during downloading or transferring of ZIP file from system to any storage device.

Scenario 3:

While you are extracting file from ZIP file, if you abruptly terminate the process then your ZIP file may get corrupted and you won’t extract files from it.

Scenario 4:

There are various other reasons such as virus attack, changing file extension, CRC error which usually occurs due to damaged or broken ZIP file download, power failure while extracting the ZIP file, ZIP file header corruption due to errors during compression, downloading ZIP folder from any malicious site, use of improper third party tools to extract ZIP files, etc.

In all above-mentioned instances, your ZIP file may get corrupted and when you tried to open in WinZip, it will reject to extract the contents of it by showing some error. In such circumstances, user fear is how to fix a ZIP file that won’t open which holds vital info like video clips, images, documents, etc. Fortunately, in such situations, you can fix the corrupt ZIP file with the aid of reliable software like ZIP file fixing tool.


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