Corrupt ZIP File Extraction Tool

How to extract files from corrupt ZIP archive?

It is most common to keep all your images, document, songs, and various other files in a ZIP archive in order to send them over internet or to save the disk space of your hard disk. All the files are bundled in ZIP archive in a compressed manner. Due to reasons like CRC error, headers file corruption, mechanical glitches and virus attack, ZIP archive may get corrupt. When you try to extract such corrupted archives, you will get some error messages like "Cannot open file: Does not appear to be a valid archive", “The archive is corrupt or damaged”, "Unknown compression method", or "Bad CRC". At this time, you will be disappointed as your important files are stuck in ZIP folder. If you have ZIP fix tool with you then you can extract file from corrupt ZIP with ease.

ZIP Repair Tool is one such file repair program that can easily fix ZIP or ZIPX archives within few clicks. It is recommended by various organizations and many professionals for fixing the broken ZIP and ZIPX file on Windows OS. The software makes use of an advanced repairing algorithm to repair broken ZIP file and you can even extract the compressed files from it with the help of this Windows ZIP repair tool. To know more, click here

The various reasons that inhibit ZIP extracting are:

Interruption during downloading process: ZIP file structure is damaged if any interruption takes place during the process of downloading. Power failure, network problem, sudden system shut down are some of the factors that are responsible for creating interruption during downloading process resulting in damaged archives. For more information regarding hoow to repair broken Zip archive, click here

Virus attack: ZIP files affected by viruses or malwares are more prone to corruption. These viruses change the file entries of the archive and extracting will become a very big problem.

Header file corruption: The header file of ZIP archive contain various information about name of the file, size of the file, date of file creation, files last modification time etc. When it gets corrupt due to abnormal shutdown of PC while ZIP file is in processing, then you lose valuable data.

Altering file extension: File extension of ZIP files are normally .zip or .zipx. If you change these file extensions while renaming or changed using any convertors then you cannot extract the files.

ZIP Repair Tool is one of the trustworthy tools to fix ZIP file with CRC error and header corruption. This software is very helpful to fix damaged ZIPX archive and allows you to extract entire content from the broken ZIP file. Using this program, you can repair broken ZIP archive stored on any media. Both ZIP and ZIPX files are fixed using this software. It provided a user-friendly interface to fix the damaged ZIP file and to preview the contents folder wise. The repaired files are stored as a separate ZIP file in your desired folder. Hence, the original ZIP file remains unaltered.

Steps to extract files from corrupt ZIP:

Step 1: Install ZIP Repair Tool on your computer, browse the corrupt ZIP file, and then click at "Repair" as shown in Fig A.

Extract Files from Corrupt ZIP - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Software will read the internal structure of corrupted file and all recovered files will be shown as in fig B.

Extract Files from Corrupt ZIP - Folder View

Fig B: Folder View

Step 3: A new window appears showing "Select Folder" where you have to select a destination path for storing your repaired file. Click on "Save" button so that you can save it on your computer as a separate repaired ZIP file as shown in fig C.

Extract Files from Corrupt ZIP - Select Destination

Fig C: Select Destination Location