ZIP CRC Error Repair Utility

How to Repair Zip Archive After CRC Error?

Many times users come across an annoying situation as they encounter their set of important information unreachable while trying to extract Zipped files. Very often, it throws an error regarding bad CRC, indicating Zip archive has been corrupted and it is not usable furthermore. You may have lot of crucial files saved in Zip format data archive. When you find your important files inaccessible in such way, what comes in your mind, might be about repairing of corrupted Zip archive. To give your try a perfect boost, you must go with an advanced tool capable of making corrupted or inaccessible Zip archive healthy after any data crisis such as CRC error, incomplete download, worm infection etc. Therefore, you should take advantage of Zip Repair Tool that is perfect match for this requirement. Zip Repair Tool is designed with powerful technique to assist users by extracting files from corrupted Zip archive. To know more information, click here

Transportation of information in digital form is now very common trend. You can send or receive large number of files within a minute with the help of internet in an effective way. However, sometime user needs to transfer files with very large size. To make this happen successfully, it is necessary to reduce size of data that has to transfer. For this purpose, user can take help of WinZip or WinRAR type application to compress files. During compression of file, a CRC value is added with Zip archive. After downloading this compressed file, when you go forward with extracting Zipped information, it may throw an error for example "Extracting f_0384 bad CRC eb80c9a6 (should be 372500c6)

Warning: the size of the extracted file (1974357) does not match the uncompressed size (1974076) recorded in the zip file".

You are getting this error because CRC value is now corrupted and it is not same as it should be. Same kind of error may be reported when ZIP file is incompletely downloaded or transferred from one saved area to another. To know how to repair incomplete ZIP file, visit this link:

CRC code can be altered because of electrical noise that is added because of bad cabling or connection while transmitting data over a network. Similarly, CRC error may occur when your file has not been downloaded properly or completely. While downloading of Zipped archive, any interruption such as unexpected system shut down, power failure, down server error etc can abort download process. In addition to this, corruption to storage drive is also accountable for CRC error. Because of bad sectors or physical damage to disk surface, CRC code could be affected if the Zipped archive is resided on damaged or corrupted drive location. Now as your Zip archive is not opening after CRC error, you should make use of the repair tool to fix damaged archive.

An easy to use wizard is compatible on all Windows OS based systems and allows users to perform repairing of damaged or broken password protected ZIP/ZIPX archives within few clicks only. Have a visit to given link to know more about Zip archive repairing on Windows computers.

Note: This page provides you can information about repairing multipart Zip file after severe virus attacks, CRC errors, corruption with Windows Registry, etc abd extract its data. For more updated information, simply click here

Steps to repair ZIP archive:

Step 1: Download and install the software. Then select affected ZIP archive via "Browse" option and click on "Repair" as shown in Fig 1.

Zip CRC Error Repair - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: During scanning process, software will read the internal structure of corrupted file elements and all repaired file will be shown as in fig B.

Zip CRC Error Repair - Folder View of Repaired Archive

Fig B: Folder View of Repaired Archive

Step 3: Press "Select Folder" to choose the location where you want to save the repaired ZIP file and then click "Save" as shown in fig C.

Zip CRC Error Repair - Select Location to Save File

Fig C: Select Location to Save File