Corrupt ZIP Repair Tool

Tool to fix corrupted ZIP file

What if you want to send a large amount of data over the internet or other network? Well this is really a great matter of concerns. But, a solution of this problem can be compression of files into a single file. Compression reduces the size of files and such a compressed file is called ZIP file. It comes handy especially when large amount of data has to be sent over a limited bandwidth channel. Apart from this, ZIP file is used to save the storage space by compressing files into single file, which is small in size. Sometimes the corruption of such file takes place in many circumstances. If ZIP file become corrupted then the content of it cannot be utilized. However, there is repair tool available, by making use of which damaged compressed file can be easily repaired.

There are many reasons, which make ZIP file corrupt. Some of them which are most commonly occurring are CRC error, interruption while downloading and virus attack to ZIP file, alteration in file extension and header corruption of ZIP file.

CRC (cyclic redundancy check) error is one of the most commonly encountered causes which makes ZIP file corrupt. CRC is an error detecting code and used by digital network to check accidental changes in raw data is being sent over network. When a block of data is sent, along with this a CRC value is sent and upon receiving the data at the receiver side again CRC value is calculated and matched with CRC value sent with data. If any modification has been made in data then CRC value does not matches which leads to corruption of ZIP file. In such situation user should make use of a repair tool, which is capable enough to fix damaged compressed file.

Another scenario where ZIP file becomes corrupted is virus or malware infection. Suppose user has downloaded RAR file from internet or other network channel and when tries to extract the content of compressed file. But, in spite of extraction of the content, user are shown error message saying that “Unexpected end of archive”. This type of error is shown because of virus or other malicious software, which corrupts ZIPX file. This type of issue can be handled in an effective way with this tool. To know more, visit here

Sometimes, when user is downloading ZIP file from internet, if any interruption occurs in between the downloading process, then it can corrupts ZIP file. Now, when user try to extract the content of this file then error message will be shown to the user. In such cases, this application will be an appropriate appliance to solve this problem. For more updates, visit here

Irrespective of ZIP file corruption scenario, it can repair ZIP and ZIPX archive file in just few seconds. A file that refuses to extract data from corrupted zip can easily be fixed with this tool. Using this software, large ZIP files of 4 GB or more in size can be easily fixed and repaired. Once the repair process gets over, you can preview the repaired data and recovered data from damaged archive file. File like ZIP can also get corrupted due to incomplete downloading or data transfer process. For more insight about it visit this link:

Simple steps to repair ZIP file

Step 1: Download and install ZIP Repair Tool and launch it, browse the corrupted ZIP file and click "Repair" as shown in figure 1.

Corrupt ZIP Repair - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once the repairing process gets over, you can view content of repaired ZIP file by using preview option as shown in figure 2.

Corrupt ZIP Repair - Preview File

Figure 2: Preview File

Step 3: Click "Select Folder" in order to select a particular destination where you want to save the repaired ZIP file and click "Save".

Corrupt ZIP Repair - Select Destination

Figure 3: Select Destination