Corrupt ZIP File Fixer Software

Best Tool to Repair Corrupted ZIP Archive

ZIP file format is mostly used as data-archiving format used to store large size data in a small space. It is a very useful way to save valuable storage space of hard drive. Sometimes, we need to send some files through email but it becomes a challenge for us due to file’s large size. To get rid of this situation, we adopt this file type very frequently. But, we have to face some situation when we cannot extract or open it due to some reasons. It means, your ZIP file is corrupted and you have lost your important data. However, it is not completely true. You can access your information from that corrupted ZIP file using an efficient ZIP Repair Tool. Here, you can know all about how to fix a corrupt zip file using this tool.

However, there are many possible reasons behind ZIP file corruption, we will discuss some frequently happened scenarios.

ZIP Header Corruption: Header of a file keeps track of all important information about that file. Header of ZIP file is mainly corrupted due to improper use of header editor and virus infection. Some common viruses responsible for header corruption are "Spacefiller", "W95.CIH" and "Chernobyl". When ZIP file gets corrupt, you should use this effective appliance to repair that corrupted ZIP.

Incomplete download: Many times, we download our important ZIP file from internet. But, any interruption or occurrence of any types of error may corrupt your ZIP file. Normally, interruption in downloading occurs due to sudden power surge, network failure or in any other reason.

CRC Error: For a compressed file, a checksum is assigned for every byte during creation of the ZIP archive and it is compared with generated checksum during extraction of that file. If these two values do not match, a CRC error is generated and you cannot access that ZIP file.

Recovery Tool Error: use of an ordinary recovery tool is also a big reason behind ZIP archive corruption. When any of your ZIP file is deleted or lost, do not use an ordinary recovery tool those are easily available. These tool may corrupt your ZIP file after recovery.

Besides these reasons, your ZIP archive may be corrupted due to improper compression and extraction process, abrupt change in file extension etc. No need to panic, you can extract all data from that corrupted file using this ZIP Repair Tool very easily. You may take some precautions to avoid easily happened corruption situation.

ZIP Repair Tool is the finest utility, which is designed in very user-friendly and interactive interface so that an unprofessional user can use it. It can repair corrupted, broken, damaged ZIP archive that is not opening. It is able to repair partially or highly corrupted ZIP or ZIPX file within a few minute. The best feature of this application is, it does not alter the content of ZIP file during repair operation. Even, you can repair a large size of password protected or encrypted ZIP archive in all versions of Windows operating system. You can take help from this link to repair corrupted ZIP archive on Windows:

Note: Using Zip Repair tool you can even unzip spanned zip archives very easily in few simple steps.

Perform these simple steps to repair corrupted ZIP file


Step 1: Download and launch ZIP Repair Tool and "Browse" the corrupted ZIP file, then click on "Repair" button as shown in fig 1.

How to Fix a Corrupt Zip File - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: After completion of repair process, you can view the repaired ZIP file by using preview option as shown in fig 2.

How to Fix a Corrupt Zip File - Preview File

Fig 2: Preview File

Step 3: Now, click on "Select Folder" to select a destination location where you want to save the repaired ZIP file and then click on "Save".

How to Fix a Corrupt Zip File - Select Destination

Fig 3: Select Destination