Free Tool to Repair Corrupt 7Zip Files

7-Zip is one of the software which allows users to create archive file on different Windows systems. This application compresses files using different compression levels in few simple steps. Sometime 7zip files get corrupted due to numerous reasons. In case, if you have 7zip files corrupted then make use of this software to find an easy solution for question like how to repair corrupt 7zip files. This application scans 7zip compressed files within few seconds of its installation and provides 7zip compressed files in the exact same format as it was before corruption.

There can be varied reasons for corruption of 7zip files, a few of them are detailed as follows:

Improper Closing: Closing of file and folder is one of the most common things that happen with any file. If due to any reason this simple task is not done properly then it results in corruption of 7zip file. Improper closing of 7zip file happens due to power failure, software conflict, hardware issues, etc.

Virus Attack: Viruses are small programs that get intruded within system via different sources such as internet or other USB drives. If these unwanted programs leave some impact on 7zip file then each of the files present with that file gets unreachable.

Improper Recovery: Many a time we accidentally delete some of the crucial 7zip files from stored location. After deletion we usually make use of recovery software to restore important 7zip files. If the recovery software isn’t good enough then it may deliver corruption.

Other Reasons: There can be many other reasons for corruption of 7zip files, like software conflict, error while downloading or transferring 7zip files, improper handling 7zip files, error while extraction , etc. In each of these scenarios files compressed within 7zip files get inaccessible and henceforth, leading to question like how to repair corrupt 7zip files.

The best solution for question like how to repair corrupt 7zip files is implementation of ZIP Repair Tool. This software has one of the best scanning algorithms which guide users at every single step to fix corrupt 7zip files in few simple steps. Any of you can also make use of this utility to repair encrypted ZIP file or ZIPX file in a very easy and effective way.

This tool is compatible to function on different Windows operating system including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc..One of the advantages of making use of this software to know how to fix a ZIP file that won't open and also allows users to repair ZIP files that are 4 GB or more. On competition of repair process users can check out the files that where present within the corrupted 7zip file. It can be used over both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems to deal with question like how to repair corrupt 7zip files.


Note: Suppose your zip archive has become corrupt then you can easily make use Zip Repair tool to extract zip files from corrupted zip archive.


Steps to Repair Corrupt 7Zip Files:

Step 1: First, download and install this repair tool and select the corrupted 7Zip file using "Browse" option and then click on "Repair" button as shown in Fig A.

How to Repair Corrupt 7Zip Files - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Then, the application will perform scanning and regenerate the compressed 7ZIP file. The repaired files will be shown as Fig B.

How to Repair Corrupt 7Zip Files - Folder View

Fig B: Folder View

Step 3: "Browse" required destination location to save repaired folders.

How to Repair Corrupt 7Zip Files - Select Destination

Fig C: Select Destination