Advanced ZIP Repair Tool

How to Repair Corrupted ZIP File?

ZIP is a special type of file format that stores different types of files in a compressed format. This file compression is very handy when it comes to send and receive large size of data over internet or to store data in a small memory space compared to it. There are so many efficient compression procedures to compress those file making an archive file. But, it also has more possibility of ZIP file corruption during compression process. After corruption of an archive file, you cannot access any data from that file. Then what will you do to undo ZIP file corruption? Do not be confused, you need an advanced repair tool to access all your vital information from the compressed file. This application has some innovative repair process to extract all information from a damaged ZIP file. Using ZIP Repair Tool, you can repair broken archive files with utmost ease. In order to know how to trustworthy utility to unzip compressed file in a few simple steps

Due to use of open source format, compressed file may be corrupted very easily. Header issues are very common problem that makes ZIP file corrupt. Header of an archive file is corrupted due to some minor mistakes occurred during creation or extraction of compressed file. However, mistakes may seem innocent; WinZip treats it as inaccurate data, inconsistent header or incorrect extension and reports you that ZIP file is corrupted. After such corruption, you cannot access any information from that compressed file. Then advanced ZIP Repair Tool will be appropriate solution to extract files from corrupted archive file. To know more, click here

In addition, ZIP files are frequently corrupted due to interruption during downloading process. The downloading process may be suspended by network problem, sudden system shut down and power surge. Due to this interruption while downloading, the file structure of archive file gets damaged which eventually resulting to corruption of compressed archives. you have to use this advanced repair program to fix broken ZIP file after incomplete download. This application will also help you if any ZIP file is inaccessible due to infection of severe external threats like Trojan, Malware etc. These viruses delete or create duplicate of some part of archive file, which makes it inaccessible. But, do not afraid, it is so effective in all these situations to fix such types of problems.

Apart from these circumstances, compressed file may also get corrupted due to bad sectors on the hard disk and CRC errors. When the disk area in which ZIP file is stored becomes logically damaged, you cannot access that archive file without using an efficient technique that is definitely a repair tool. CRC error is another common reason behind ZIP file corruption. This error occurs when CRC value of compressed ZIP file is not same with CRC value of extracted file. After occurrence of this error, it gets inaccessible for user. You can use this repair tool to fix ZIP and ZIPX files in both 32 bit and 64-bit system. It will also allow you to fix corrupted ZIP file on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. To perform this repair process within some few simple steps on Windows OS, go through this link:

Follow these steps to repair corrupted ZIP file:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of ZIP Repair Tool on your system. After that, "Browse" the corrupted ZIP file and click on "Repair" button as shown in Fig A.

Advanced ZIP Repair Tool - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Then it will start a scanning process on the ZIP file and it will generate all files from the compressed archive. After that, you will see the recovered files as illustrated in Fig B.

Advanced ZIP Repair Tool - Folder View

Fig B: Folder View

Step 3: To save repaired data select required destination using "Select Folder" button and then click on "Save".

Advanced ZIP Repair Tool - Select Destination

Fig C: Select Destination