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Looking for a software to repair corrupt ZIP files?

Has your ZIP file got corrupt? Unable to extract files from corrupted ZIP files? Then here is the solution for your problem! ZIP Repair tool that is reviewed and recommended by most of the industry expert’s, helps you to fix corrupt ZIP or ZIPX files. It has a powerful repair engine, which fixes any issues related to ZIP and ZIPX archives.

ZIP archives are usually data containers where several files are dumped in compressed manner. Any type of file or folder can be included in these archives. Whenever you want to send large number of files you need to reduce the size and put them in a single file, this will be accomplished by creating ZIP archive. When these archives are corrupted due to CRC error, virus attack or due to unfinished downloads, then it is impossible to access the source of the ZIP files. Once the ZIP file gets corrupt, the process of calculating and comparing the CRC value will stop immediately and hence becomes inaccessible. Only by repairing the damaged or corrupt archive, you can recover your valuable data back. To know more deatils regarding how to repair Zip files on Windows, clic here

There are various reasons where ZIP file may get damaged, they are:

You can take some precautionary measures in order to avoid ZIP file damage up to some extent

In order to quite efficiently repair damaged ZIP archive, it is good to use ZIP Repair Tool. This is the most effective and efficient tool to fix the severely corrupted or damaged archives. This software is the best medicine to treat the archives showing error messages like “Bad CRC”, “Compressed folder is invalid or corrupted”, etc.

Using this ZIP Repair Tool, you can fix large ZIP/ZIPX files having memory more than 4 GB also. No matter the archive is stored in any flash drive, memory card, or external disk, ZIP Repair Tool can easily fix them. The recovered files can be saved in any of the destination folder on your computer system. Just select the path and save the file in required place. Hence, you can use ZIP repair tool to repair broken ZIP file, which are unfinished download files or are affected by viruses on your Windows 7, XP, or Vista system. To know more details about how to repair broken Zip file, click here

Recent Updates

Error While Extracting Zip File: One can make use of Zip Repair tool to create a new healthy working Zip file by extracting the contents from the corrupt Zip file keeping the original file unaltered and hence making the process extremely safe and easy to use. To know more information, simply click here

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Repair Encrypted Zip File: Even novice and non technical users can easily opt for Zip Repair tool to fix Zip file encrypted due to severe virus attacks, sudden system shutdown, Zip file header corruption, etc. To grab more updated information, simply click here

Open Partially Downloaded Zip File: This software can also repair zip file that is partially or incompletely downloaded from any website. To have detail idea about why such type of corruption happen and how to fix them, visit this link:

Repair Incomplete ZIP File: Some time due to different reasons ZIP files get corrupted due to incomplete downloading or transferring of the ZIP files. This problem can be fixed by use of this software. To have more insight about this topic visit this link:

Repair Multipart Zip File: With the help of Zip Repair tool you can quite easily fix multipart Zip file corrupt after severe virus or malware attacks, CRC errors, Windows Registry errors and many others. Later, you can even extratct its contents like pictures, audio, video, etc from multipart Zip file compatible with Windows operating system. Fot more information, simply click here

Fix Zip File after Invalid File Format Error: Now, its possible even for the novice users to use Zip Repair tool to fix .zip and .zipx file after invalid file format error message after incomplete download process, severe virus or malware attacks, Zip file header corruption, etc. For more information, simply visit here

Now, if your important Zip file gets corrupt and you are looking for appropriate tool to fix it, then this utility is appropriate tool for you. Zip Repair Tool is updated to make it prominent in Zip repair after all types of corruption. If you need help to perform this repair process, visit this link:

Now, if you cannot extract your important data from compressed archive, no need to find any other application. You can easily solve this issue using this repair tool because it is upgraded with advanced technology to fix issues regarding inaccessibility of ZIP file. To know more, follow this link:

A recently launched new version of ZIP repair software has a set of new features and able to fix corrupted ZIP file in few seconds. To know more about this wonderful utility click here

Steps to use ZIP Repair Tool:

Step 1: Download and install the software and then select the corrupted ZIP file using "Browse" button and then click at "Repair”".

ZIP Repair Tool - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software scans the ZIP archive and you will be shown list of files/folders extracted. You can have the preview of recovered files and click "Next" option.

ZIP Repair Tool - Folder View

Figure 2: Folder View

Step 3: This tool provides another way of previewing on the basis of folders, then press "Next".

ZIP Repair Tool - File View

Figure 3: File View

Step 4: Select the path where you want to save the repaired ZIP file.

ZIP Repair Tool - Select Destination

Figure 4: Select Destination